Blogging: Korean Ferry Tragedy

My heart is pained by the news of the Korean ferry boat sinking. For those who do not know, a ferry boat with more than 450 passengers capsized and sank. Most of the passengers were high school students, and even to this moment almost 300 of them are trapped in the sunken ship.

My numbers are not exact, and the little amount of information I have is from Korean media sites and news clips. Apparently the ferry quickly capsized and the passengers were told over the speaker system to stay put. After sending out this “stay calm” message, most of the workers on the ferry including the captain promptly ditched the boat. The ship has several lifeboats, but only one was actually put to use, leaving the passengers unaware of their dangerous situation and stranded on a sinking boat.

I am extremely saddened and angered at the Korean media, who are currently pestering the survivors (there was a clip revealed of a reporter interrogating a six year old girl about her parents, and he continued to tactlessly ask her questions after she told him she was rescued alone – I mean, she lost her parents, just give her a break!) as well as the parents of the students. There is another clip going viral in the Korean Facebook community of several heartbroken and worried parents sobbing and begging/swearing at the cameras to stop filming and give them peace, but the spotlight chasing news cameras kept on filming their cries. Such brutality makes me feel sick.

There are also screenshots of texts and messages some of the students who were stranded sent to their families, as well as heartbreaking stories of people sacrificing their own safety (and in the case of one woman who worked on the boat, her life) for the safety of others. One five year old girl apparently was rescued alone, and told the reporters her six year old brother had secured her life jacket on her. So far, this six year old brother has not been found…

There is still a problem with rescuing the others on the boat since it has almost completely sunk.

Please, dear readers, pray for the safety and lives of the passengers. I pray to God that he keeps watch over them. As for those who have left this world already… I am so sorry and may God bless you. And to the family and friends… My deepest sympathies.

I hope the day turns out with better news,

Have a Good Day.


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